still not enough

July 5, 2011 at 4:49 pm (emo lang) ()

i was under the illusion that i have already proven my worth… but for you it has been always not enough.. i have given-up one of the most important and life changing moment i had been waiting and dreaming for… i had to give up because it would be really unfair for the other person when i know i don’t deserve his affection and love because in my heart i know ikaw lang ang kailangan ko para mabuhay… lahat ng actions ko that involves you hindi ko pinagsisihan.. na kahit gaano ako katalo sa sitwasyon ikaw pa rin ang pipiliin ko..

maybe it’s time for to choose the right path, na kahit gaano kasakit… i have to be on the right track, on the right direction… because i truly believed i tried so hard just to be with you, no matter what… 10 years. and it was not easy… you might have no idea what i have been thru in that 10 long years… or did you even care enough?

akala ko, the past few days sobrang TH lang talaga ako.. yun naman pala dapat naman pala ako makaramdam ng kakaiba.

i don’t know how will you be able to explain this one. but one thing is for sure, i am hurting so much.


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