my bday.. bow! :-p

March 1, 2009 at 9:06 am (Uncategorized)

oh gosh! i just turned 29 last week! yeah!! 29!!… i can’t imagine.. hehehe

but it’s ok, im not afraid of old age.. the thing im afraid is.. to grow old alone hehehe.. so friends are giving me ultimatum already 🙂

by hook or by crook! dapat magka-dyowa na by this year! :-p hahahaha… just kidding.

well they are not really that bugging me because alot of friends are still single.. so ok lang.. the only pressure right now is coming from family..

from my sibs, to parents, to cousins, to aunts, to uncles, ayy sobrang pressure. plus neighboors nga pala hehehe..

sabi nga nila “hindi ka na bumabata” or sabi ng mga sosyal kong friends “you’re not getting any younger, look at our friends they have their own kids already…”

“how about you?? what are your plans??”

ang sabi ko naman: WALA.

eh wala naman talaga eh ano magagawa ko diba :-p

but most definitely soon dapat may plans na rin 🙂 well, let’s see 🙂

sabagay, celebrating bdays like these everyone would really remember to ask how old are you 🙂 and syempre kasunod na yung.. alam nyo na. hehehe

but im glad many friends remembered me on one of my most special day in a year.. cyber-real friends, real friends..

i thank God also for giving me another year to celebrate and to do the things i needed to do with my life 🙂

thanks so much friends for remembering! thanks for all the bday wishes thru text messages, calls, e-cards, emails, forums 🙂 and flowers 🙂

got some flowers for my bday na pinagkaguluhan sa office, LOL hahahaha.. maraming salamat!!

bday flowers

bday flowers



  1. dong ho said,

    belated happy birthday to you! just enjoy being single for the meantime. there’s wisdom in being single for such a time.

  2. jhennypie said,

    hello dong! thanks for dropping by 🙂

    and salamat sa greetings 🙂 and i agree with what you have you said regarding single life 🙂 hehe

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