being busy and loving it!! ^_^

January 23, 2009 at 10:58 pm (Uncategorized)

this has been very busy month for me, todo na! but no, im not getting married (well i just wish na ganun nga ang pinag-kakaabalahan ko) hehehe.. as usual work is very hectic since Jan. 1st i was really worried last month of the global recession and was really getting paranoid kasi we might lose our jobs.. fortunately we still here and kicking some _ _ _! and really working hard!

suprisingly we have tons of work to do.. nag take effect na yata yung bail-out hehe.. its good to see people are getting refinances instead of foreclosures πŸ™‚

anyways, kahit sobrang busy, i promise my self to socialize more this year, as in go hang-out with friends or watch movies or just simply reconnect with old friends and do activities i used to enjoy before like cross stitching and hiking.

and so, as early as january dami ko ng social activities hehe πŸ™‚ which is good naman kasi nga i get to chika with my friends

i attended a wedding of a friend, of course syemre hindi mawawala ang BIG QUESTION MARK na “ikaw, kelan ka susunod na ikakasal?” oh diba bongga hehe..

i attended birthdays of inaanak, 7 year old and 1 yr old, hay buti pa kumare ko may seven year old na, ako kahit butete wala pa hahaha.

and will attend a get together party with my high school buddies later πŸ™‚ chikahan to the max na naman to! πŸ™‚

plus, i watched a movie last weekend and will watch again this coming monday, so talagang todo na to πŸ™‚

so medyo busy talaga ang life ko hehe with work loads and social events, which is good kasi that’s really my goal this year.. ang makipag-sosyalan wahahaha.

and yeah, on feb.7 i might go to baguio to attend a wedding, yeah wedding na naman, at puro attend na lang ginagawa ko hahaha, lagi na lang akong witness lol.

so might stay 2 or 3 days sa baguio. yey!! love it! hehe

im really crazy busy right now but im enjoying it! πŸ™‚

happy weekend folks!



  1. dong ho said,

    “kahit sobrang busy, i promise my self to socialize more this year”>>> nice goal for this year. i hope everyone will include this on their plans to for this year.

    good luck on your trip to baguio next week!

  2. jhennypie said,

    thanks dong! i had fun with the baguio trip πŸ™‚

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