as the year ends… PART 2! :-)

December 30, 2008 at 10:25 pm (Uncategorized)

and so the year will end and here comes 2009. the other day i wrote being a miserable hopeless soul and i promised i won’t end this year being depressed and feeling like my world will collapse right in front of me just because im sad.

i promised i’ll find ways to feel better.. and yeah thank God i think im ok now… πŸ™‚ way much better than the last post i made.

and of course since the year will end hindi mawawala ang aking walang kamatayang NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION hehehe…

well i need to have a better focus this year, on work, on personal life and maybe on lovelife, hay wish ko lang hehehe..

anyways.. here some of my new year’s resolution:

— continue the walking as form of exercise
— be more appreciative of my work
— give some time to self and make 2009 as ‘myself’ year πŸ™‚
— be more punctual (hay sobrang late..)
— be more discipline and will have some clear goals
— stick to the plans
— syempre pa continue the diet hehehe
— eat less junk foods and eat more healthy foods and fruits
— water! water! water! no more soda (ok, once in awhile) πŸ™‚
— more mountains to climb
— more seas to swim (hopefully)
— at higit sa lahat to reconnect with people i love, like friends
— and of course, to socialize (i had zero social life in 2008, promise, zero talaga, how pathetic no hehehe)

… i guess meron pa, kaya lang ndi ko maisip sa ngayon πŸ™‚ ihahabol ko na lang kapag naisip ko na hehehe

eto naman ang wishlist ko for year 2009!

— world peace! (naks!) seriously world peace talaga
— no more recession (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)
— a progressive philippines (wish lang naman eh.. hehehe)

things i want to have this year! sana i’ll have more blessings to buy some of these..

– a new cp, sony erickson W960
– iPod 80G
– portable dvd player
– a new digital cam
– laptop accesories
– atbp.. hehehe

and lastlyi wish to have a wonderful and a blessed new year as well as my friends and love ones..



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