as the year ends… PART 2! :-)

December 30, 2008 at 10:25 pm (Uncategorized)

and so the year will end and here comes 2009. the other day i wrote being a miserable hopeless soul and i promised i won’t end this year being depressed and feeling like my world will collapse right in front of me just because im sad.

i promised i’ll find ways to feel better.. and yeah thank God i think im ok now… 🙂 way much better than the last post i made.

and of course since the year will end hindi mawawala ang aking walang kamatayang NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION hehehe…

well i need to have a better focus this year, on work, on personal life and maybe on lovelife, hay wish ko lang hehehe..

anyways.. here some of my new year’s resolution:

— continue the walking as form of exercise
— be more appreciative of my work
— give some time to self and make 2009 as ‘myself’ year 🙂
— be more punctual (hay sobrang late..)
— be more discipline and will have some clear goals
— stick to the plans
— syempre pa continue the diet hehehe
— eat less junk foods and eat more healthy foods and fruits
— water! water! water! no more soda (ok, once in awhile) 🙂
— more mountains to climb
— more seas to swim (hopefully)
— at higit sa lahat to reconnect with people i love, like friends
— and of course, to socialize (i had zero social life in 2008, promise, zero talaga, how pathetic no hehehe)

… i guess meron pa, kaya lang ndi ko maisip sa ngayon 🙂 ihahabol ko na lang kapag naisip ko na hehehe

eto naman ang wishlist ko for year 2009!

— world peace! (naks!) seriously world peace talaga
— no more recession (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)
— a progressive philippines (wish lang naman eh.. hehehe)

things i want to have this year! sana i’ll have more blessings to buy some of these..

– a new cp, sony erickson W960
– iPod 80G
– portable dvd player
– a new digital cam
– laptop accesories
– atbp.. hehehe

and lastlyi wish to have a wonderful and a blessed new year as well as my friends and love ones..



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as the year ends

December 28, 2008 at 5:17 am (Uncategorized)

as the year ends looking back i can say that this year is much much better that the one i had in 2007. although 2008 is full of challenges, i had survived and i am generally happy kahit na minsan may mga bagay na nagpapalungkot sa akin still, im glad kasi i have more peace this year…

as the year ends, maraming bagay pa din ang nagpapasama ng loob ko pero i try to ignore it and just go on with life. ayaw kong isipin at ayaw kong magpa-apekto.. but i realized minsan kahit anong gawin natin, there would be a time na parang gusto mo na lang huminto ang lahat.. yeah such a very dramatic year ender huh.

i try to avoid writing kasi i know i would feel bad all over again, having to write what i really feel..

people can see me as a happy person.. but deep inside, im such lost kid. matindi ang emotional battle but i will never stop fighting.

i been thru alot in life. been thru a lot of pains. kumbaga chicken na lang to 😛

hay life.. i don’t want the year 2008 ends with a heavy heart… i hope i’ll find a way to feel better and be more at peace.

its been a week na pagsesenti. i felt tired and depresed. hay nakakapagod pala talaga. ayaw ko na ng ganitong feeling.

i hope God will bless me with will help me find some ways to ease whatever im feeling right now. pagod na akong maging malungkot… at magdrama. ewan ko ba, hindi naman ako pwedeng maging dramatic actress.

eh pero bakit ganito… lagi na lang ako malungkot. it’s killing me, for real.

hindi pwedeng maging malungkot ang pagtatapos ng taon. i’ll find ways to be happy… i still have 4 days.

let’s see…

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