i’m missing them..

March 22, 2008 at 11:10 pm (Uncategorized)

lately.. i’ve been thinking of old friends.. elementary friends, high school friends and college friends… and i’ve been missing them terrible šŸ˜¦

i don’t know what it’s in me that wanted to connect or keep in touch with the people who were there during my school days..

i keep wondering how are they now, what’s keeping them busy, what they had become.. and im truly proud to all of them kasi they managed to be at their bests.

some had gotten married and got kids, some are into relationships and some are still searching (like me.. hahaha)..

and im so glad that friendster has been created. it is really a helpful tool to reconnect with old friends. seeing their pictures would always make me smile and the memories of them would flood in.

im so happy to have these people have touched my life. shared many funny moments, kilig moments and tough moments too.

and until now i still value them, and that would go as long as im alive.

hay im so senti.

oh its easter sunday.. happy egg hunting!! šŸ™‚



  1. dodong flores said,

    Hi, Jhenny!
    Congrats for the new site. I missed you quite a lot in the blogosphere, Hehehe…
    A blessed Easter Sunday to you and family…

  2. Ferdz said,

    Huy! May bagong bahay ka na pala. Belated Easter!

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