its like… hu-what??

March 21, 2008 at 9:50 pm (Uncategorized)

ast night was so funny and weird..

i don’t understand when a guy said something towards me on how he feels daw and then expecting me to have the same feelings to him.. ganun ba talaga yun???

and if i told him i don’t feel anything bigla the mood would changed from being sweet to being ewan.. to the point of asking me to delete his number from my phone list. sus.

i tried so hard as much as i can to be very polite… i don’t want to offend anyone specially when you see this person as a new friend you can count on.. but the problem is.. what if he sees you in a different way? (or ganun nga ba?)

and also i find it very funny and very weird when someone profess his “love” daw to me when its like in a span of 2 days texting… and expecting me to believe that?? so unreal… come on.. grow up.

now im wondering, do i really look so vulnerable and miserable?? that is why they thought i would jump right into their.. what do you call that.. hmmm.. affections.. the moment they let me know of that?? sus.

im glad that i know myself better now. 🙂


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