it’s my day!

February 20, 2008 at 7:37 pm (Uncategorized)

.. and im supposed to be happy. many greeted me and everybody wishes me happiness. and i do appreciate it all. but then im not that happy, although im not sad, but im not happy. its just fine. gulo no. ako din naguguluhan na. lol

nothng special happened, just went to church alone had dinner with a close friend, naks! hehe..we had roast beef with baked potato and mixed veggies and bread, grabe super dami ng isang plate! and hot tea.. then i asked wala bang pansit for long life? hehe unfortunately there is no pansit talaga so we settled with pasta americana which is in white sauce pala. malas. but then i had the gut to taste it and its was actually good 🙂

im wishing myself a really good health, kahit walang papa basta in good health lang pwede na yun hehe 😛 and syempre pa to have a happy life. 🙂

my tita asked me ano daw ang wish ko bukod sa good health, sabi ko secret! hehe but deep within i wished for something that i need to keep it for my self na lang, ika nga unbloggable yun at hindi pwedeng i-share. 🙂

we will celebrate on sunday na lang siguro with my fam and some some relatives, but of course ibang set ng inuman session yun hehe.. last sunday i was with my friends to get together and had a small salo-salo 🙂 it was nice though and feels so good 🙂

i turned 28 years old today, hay tanda na hehe.. time to build my own life naman, ang tanong lang ready na ba ako?? well sa tanda ko ba naman na yan eh ndi pa ako ready… hmmm… well i guess some part of me wanted to be ready but then i know some part of me is not yet ready… eh kung ready na ako sa palagay mo ba single pa ako ngayon?? hehe malamang ndi na.. but then this is life… sa maniwala kayo at sa hindi im not really ready pa talaga.. emotionally, financially, physically state lang siguro ang ready hahahaha 😛

but im not in a hurry.. magugulat na lang kayo lol.

so much for this day. ang importante im still here.. at patuloy na humihinga at pinipilit na maging masaya 🙂


also today, its my first time to taste a yellow watermelon.. has anyone seen it? i actually heard of it long ago pero hindi pa ako nakakatikim, well kanina since its my bday my tita brought me some to taste, imagine naman kasi 28 na ako hindi ko man lang natitikman ang golden watermelon hehe.. and masarap naman cya… amoy pakwan naman at lasang pakwan naman.. kulay dilaw nga lang 😛





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  1. luis q borja said,

    hi jhen.its been a long time na rin n di tyo nagkita.kahit late n eh wish u p rin a hapy b-day.tanda ko p rin syempre.and i wil never forget it.wish u all d hapines in life.

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