missed blogging

June 6, 2007 at 10:04 am (Uncategorized)

been really busy lately and many things had happened and i hope i can write all of them here now 🙂

been in good times and bad times these past few weeks… emotions are from very high to very very low…

on personal…

got too many thoughts that racing inside my head that needed some answers but don’t know how.. waaaaaaaaa too emotional.. just don’t like it… kasi naman ang mga lalake madalas talaga sakit ng ulo 😛 (woppssssss… excuse me mga guys hehe)

though i feel a bit better now, still im on the low point of my life… maybe because of the rains.. lol. but seriously im hurting… im hurting for a lot of things that is happening in my life right now… sometimes i feel tired and readily to give up.. i just don’t have the courage to end it… i wish i have.

at sabi nga ng kanta… YOU ARE MY SWEETEST DOWNFALL…


on family…

my father was confined at the hospital because of diabetis and for possible amputation. it was a real shock to our family, i really prayed hard to please no amputation for my papa.. and luckily enough his wound healed faster that we expected and that his body reacted to the insulins, we were all relieved about his fast recovery.. we just need to stick on his diet, sometimes he seems to be stubborn but now he try to listen to us na, kasi he knows that it will do him good 🙂

actually we were suprised that he is a diabetic… diabetis doesn’t run in our family, high blood pressure, yes. my uncles and lolo got a high blood pressure that lead to series of strokes 😦 pero they are still alive pa naman, yun nga lang si lolo medyo weak na and naka-wheelchair na, but mind you he’s in his 80’s, not bad 🙂

my papa had his stroke too, during the time FPJ got one too and went into comma.. gad i was so paranoid and so afraid that time… kasi feeling ko baka maging ganun din cya katulad ng kay FPJ, but God is good, he survived.

so ngayon naman, masyadong cyang nagpapa-baby sa amin, sus. but its ok, as long as he is there and whole 🙂

… and thanks so much jhames for the support 🙂


on the lighter mode…

bumbum had his party well 🙂 we are all happy that day 🙂 as in super 🙂 well at least may magandang nangyayari naman sa buhay ko kahit paano, lol… buti na lang i have my family who keeps me strong (gad!! ang drama ko!! kainis)

i’ll post some pics soon… nagloloko kasi yung usb ko eh.. kainis.



  1. M I C H E L L E said,

    uyy una ako, hehe…

    I hope ok kana ngayon, mga lalake talaga kasi eh!!! ooopps, di naman siguro lahat. Anyway, kapag di mo na kaya bulungan mo lang ako baka mapangiti kita kahit papano. 🙂

    Thank God ok na dad mo, I hope continues na yung paggaling nya and tama nga kailangan bantayan ang pagkain.

    Ingat lagi and we’ll wait for the pics 🙂

  2. rhodora said,

    I do hope your dad gets well completely, Jhenn!

    Huwag mo na lang dibdibin ang mga problema sa buhay. Makakaraos din. 🙂

    Take care, my dear!

  3. tutubi said,

    hope your dad gets well soon

    kaya pala nawala ka hehe

  4. jhenny said,

    hi guys! thanks for dropping by 🙂

    >>hi michelle, girl naku ang mga lalake nga naman no.. LOL 😛 apir!!! ok na po papa ko korek ka dyan as in super bantay sa food lalo na mama ko 🙂 .. salamat girl ha, ikaw din lagi ka mag-iingat dyan ok 🙂

    >>hi rhod! 🙂 my papa is ok now, have to monitor nga lang his BP kasi medyo tumataas eh.. pero he is fine naman 🙂 hay sinabi mo pa, ang problema nandyan lang, kaya kapag nagpatalo me ako din ang kawawa.. kaya go girl!! 🙂 salamat rhod!

    >>tutubi! ello 🙂 yeah medyo naging busy sa hospital at sa kung ano-ano pa.. pero eto nga at nagbabalik na me hehe 🙂

    takecare all guys!

  5. Dennis said,

    hope your dad gets well soon. my own nanay also has diabetes and its a real bad disease.

    on your personal, i won’t give any advice but i hope everything gets well with you and your special someone..if not, i will treat you to jolibee hehehe

  6. rhodyl said,

    hehehe… welcome back… :)… di naman skit ng ulo ang mga lalake ehhh.. :)…

  7. jhenny said,

    >> hi dennis! thanks for dropping by 🙂 hay i agree a real bad illness.. huy kelan mo ako treat ng jollibee?? hehe

    >>hi rhodyl! 🙂 yeah ndi naman talaga lahat… in general lang nyahahahaha!! LOL 😛

  8. mousey said,

    uy welcome back!

    heheh… lagi silang sakit ng ulo bihira lang silang maging medicol.

    get well soon kay itay!

  9. jhenny said,

    mousey!! nyahahaha.. sinabi mo pa girl! hahaha apir!! 😛

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