happy easter!

April 7, 2007 at 7:45 am (Uncategorized)

maundy thursday, good friday and black saturday had passed… and i did not do something traditional but pray… and work.. yes i spent once again my holy week inside our office working and eating lots-a-lots of ice cream πŸ™‚ (well, pampalubag loob nila sa akin, lol)

i’m used to this kind of working schedule, since i started to work here in our company 6 years ago, lagi ng ganito ang holy week.. my family got used to it too… iba na ang dedicated :p but deep down im longing for a holy week vacation… but what can i do..

so for 6 years.. no pabasa, no siete palabras, no visita iglesias, no procession.. basta wala lahat… kaya pray na lang ako.

i missed doing the pabasa, station of the cross.. etc… i was so active at our church when i was still in college, as in super participate ako sa lahat… but since i started working everything changes… well i don’t forget to attend mass and pray but ndi na ako super active sa mga gawain sa church.. im a catholic.

well i guess, its a choice naman eh… for me its my choice to work na lang kasi i cannot afford to lose my job right now, super critical kasi ang office namin sa mga ganitong holidays… and they really made it clear upon hiring us that we do not observe philippine holidays, including holy week.. and for 6 years.. nasanay na din ako πŸ™‚


well at least easter na at tuwing easter ako bumabawi πŸ™‚

happy easter everyone!!! have a blessed and wonderful easter sunday! πŸ™‚



  1. mousey said,

    happy and blessed easter jhenny!

  2. germs said,

    happy easter….well at least you get to do something productive…basta ba di mo nakakalimutan ang tunay na dahilan ng season e.besides you got ice cream.lol.

  3. iskoo said,

    happy easter.

    parang pinetensiya na rin ang magtrabaho kapag holy week.

    grabe sacrifices ng mga doctor, nurses, IT engrs dahil walang holy-holyweek sa ganitong profession.

  4. rhodora said,

    Happy Easter, dear Jhenny!

    Hehehe.. Oo, di ko nakakalimutan ang utang kong meme… Tiis lang ng konti, lapit na gawin.. hehehe.

  5. jhenny said,

    hello, hello guys! happy easter πŸ™‚

    >>mousey!!!!! welcome back πŸ™‚

    >>germs, korek, masaya na din ako kasi may ice cream, kaya eto may sipon ako haha.

    >>iskoo, sinabi mo pa… feeling ko nga doktor ako πŸ˜›

    >>rhodora, welcome back! *hugs* happy easter!

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