March 26, 2007 at 4:40 pm (Uncategorized)

last week was not so good week for me.. so lazy to do things, so unproductive, been thinking a lot *sigh* … plus i’ve got a very heart breaking news..

i wonder why politics exists in companies.. not only here but abroad too.. i always thought politics don’t apply on other countries, such as progressive countries.. but i am so wrong..

and now i really feel bad.. it has nothing to do with me personally, i am hurt right now because of a very dear friend..

a friend who’s always been there to help me and get me thru all these years with our work related problems.. and now i feel so helpless not even know how can i help him.. 😦

for me he’s not just a friend, i consider him as my coach, mentor, trainer… my number fan as he said 🙂 , my number one idol ;), my listener, my fun in a day 🙂 my chika buddy as well…

sometimes i just don’t understand why some white guys are really such a bunch of @ssholes…

…so sorry to hear that news.

…and i hope things would get better and right and respectful.

…and don’t let those stupids do those things to you, you deserved so much more.

…and yes, they are all losers!



  1. tina said,

    politics exists everywhere… -_- rawr

  2. Mari said,

    May kasabihan tayo na, “kahit saang gubat may ahas” at ganoon din ang politics. Same pareho. he he

  3. iskoo said,

    hirap talaga ang buhay, kaya sa mga pagkakataon na ma poliika dapat may nakahandang alternatives para di maapektuhan.

  4. dodongflores said,

    I’m so sorry for your friend. Yes, I’m also a victim of “politicking” in the job I’m working with and I just ignore it. I showed to my offenders na di nila ako kayang ilaglag…

  5. Ang-ang said,

    losers sucks but sometimes i admit that i am such a loser

  6. jhenny said,

    hello guys! thanks for dropping by 🙂

    >>tina, yeah its everywhere just can’t help to rant sometimes.

    >>hi mari, yeah i thought nga ang ahas nasa gubat lang… pati sa city madami na din 😛

    >>hi iskoo, korek ka dyan.. i was just so pissed off :(.. hey i hope you win at the blog awards 🙂

    >>dodongflores, that’s the attitude! 🙂 don’t let them down u.

    >>ang-ang, welcome to my blog 🙂

  7. xei said,

    nyc thoughts. like it.

  8. cruise said,

    masyado na talagang na influence na bulok na sisytema ng gobyerno kaya pati sa iabng aspeto ng buhay natin nagkakaroon na rin ng pulitika tulad ng sa trabaho at iba pa. minsan nga pati simbahan may pulitika na rin.

  9. Ferdz said,

    Ayoko din talaga ng politics. Pag papasok ako sa bagong company I make it clear that that is one I really don’t like in a work place. I hope your friend sees through this problems

  10. germs said,

    hopped from sir dodong…hmmm malapit na election …kahit saan tlga me politics.hehehe. ganda blog design mo ..i like the time piece.

  11. Sidney said,

    I guess there are assholes in every nationality…
    (white, yellow or black…)
    The best thing is to learn from the experience and move on.

  12. jhenny said,

    hello po ulet sa lahat 🙂 and thanks po for visiting 🙂

    >>xei, ello, thanks 🙂

    >>hi cruise, welcome back 🙂 nice to see you blogging again 🙂 yeah, too much politics around us.. and too bad

    >>ferdz, my friend is doing ok, and i just hope something better is ahead for him.

    >>hi germs, welcome sa blog ko 🙂 re the design its from pannasmontata 🙂

    >>sidney, i agree there are @ssholes everywhere in the world, it just so happen that “some” white guys are the villains in this entry 😛 lol

  13. Dennis said,

    so sorry to hear your friend’s problem. i hope everything’s going to be fine…:)

  14. jhenny said,

    hi dennis! thanks for dropping by 🙂

    yeah, i think he’s ok naman, i was just so furious about what had happened, but i think things would work out fine 🙂

  15. tina said,

    Happy Summerrrr!!! 😛 hehe

  16. jhenny said,

    hi tin! happy summer talaga 🙂

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