of travels and song

February 27, 2007 at 10:35 pm (Uncategorized)

of travels…

i have always wanted to travel, around the philippines or probably around the world…

i’d love to see alot of things… i’d been on some of the places here in pinas, i’d been to seas and moutains.. and had been once out of the country too.. well hopefully, twice, this coming april or may πŸ™‚

and i could say seeing beautiful places make me realized that life is not that bad after all… i could feel God’s love thru His creation and i feel very blessed.

given a chance i would love to explore the world…

well, tsaka na, kapag mayaman na ako, haha.

but there’s one place that i hope marating ko someday πŸ™‚

and that is batanes!

sobrang nainggit talaga ako kay ferdz, haha.

i was actually surprised to see batanes as a beautiful island… so peaceful and relaxing.. dati kasi ang paniniwala ko ang batanes is nothing but daanan ng bagyo πŸ™‚ and i was definitely so wrong.

well, kailangan paghandaan ko yun πŸ™‚


of a song…

It doesn’t happen every day

But it happened to me once before

Those early years I threw away

Now I only have to hear your voice

To make me feel so sure

That your love is why

I want to give it all

i have heard this song several times… and whenever i hear this, i couldn’t help but feel touched by it.. so solemn… so full of emotions.. and somehow i feel connected.. not sure why..

that your love is why

i want to give it all…



  1. tina said,

    I love to travel as well:P yay!

  2. iskoo said,

    kahit konti lang saving ko mas gusto ko gastusin earningd ko sa travelling. habang bata mag-enjoy! ayaw ko umabot ng retiring age tapos mag to-tour ako na di ko man ma e enjoy.

    batanes, kasama yan sa wishlist ko…

  3. jhenny said,

    salamat po sa pagdalaw πŸ™‚

    hi tin! yeah.. sarap no.. tara hehe

    hi iskoo! tama ka habang bata mag-enjoy… that’s what im doing the best i can do talaga… bsta, marami pang susunod na gala hehe.. uyy dollar account ka eh kayang-kaya mo ang travelling hehe. kapag ala ka PA nandito lang ako, haha LOL

  4. iskoo said,

    may promo na naman daw ang cebu pacific local ang international trips, 1 lang + taxes… ako pa, biyahe na!

  5. iskoo said,

    piso lang, hehehe

  6. jhenny said,

    naks si iskoo!! biyahe na naman hehe, totoo bang piso lang?? eh magkano naman ang taxes mga 2,000php?? LOL… huy baka kailangan mo ng PA hahaha

  7. Ferdz said,

    Huy salamat at na-extra ako sa post mo. hehe

    Onga, one reason why I love to travel as well din is I appreciate the world more seeing different cultures and sights.

    Hayaan mo. Makakarating ka rin dun. Mamya makikita ko n lng post mo sa Batanes. hehe

  8. jhenny said,

    hi ferdz thanks sa pagdalaw! πŸ™‚

    yeah, ingget talaga ako sa mga adventures mo hehe.. i hope makarating din talaga me dun someday πŸ™‚

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