bye bye 2006

December 29, 2006 at 5:03 pm (Uncategorized)


before the year ends i have think of my yearly new year’s resolution and wishes 😀 and hopefully ma-fulfill ko yung mga nasa mahiwagang list ko hehehe… yearly na lang ako may wishes at new year’s resolution and lagi na lang nasusunod ko lang yun for 1st quarter of the year sa mga susunod wala na… pero this time promise ko sa sarili i need to live by it, naks! 😛

my new year’s resolution :

– diet ( as in sobrang kailangan ko talaga to, lol )

– have more patience on the people around

– be more considerate but be strict on policies

– work out, work out, work out ( prerefable sa boxing gym )

– be punctual ( isinusumpa na ako ng mga kaibigan ko sa pagiging late ko )

my wish list :

– new computer

– iPod kahit 30G lang 😀

– makapag-enroll sa boxing hehe

– bday party para sa nephew ko 😀

– makapag-save as much as possible ( yan gastadora kasi ) 😛

– makapag-travel ulet 🙂

– syempre good health

– peace of mind

– be stress free ( pano kaya yun *kamot sa ulo* ) hehe

… im crossing my fingers.. lol


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