October 21, 2006 at 6:52 am (Uncategorized)

last thursday, i wanted to go home early because im feeling really low and bored at work, unfortunately i can’t just run on the door and press the elevator down to the ground floor because we had alot of things to do and too many issues need to be addressed with the staff.. i was so very stressed out.

my mind is flying somewhere else and i keep on staring on my comp screen, i can’t do any work, i feel very stucked and i got a very low energy. i keep on figuring what’s wrong with me hay.. for almost a week now i’ve been coming to work earlier than my usual time hay naninibago siguro hehehe 😛

hay i went to our canteen bought a coke in can thinking that would help lift my mood 🙂

mood up-lifter???

it did helped a little but still i decided i need to go home a bit early and visit our home in LP. siguro na mi-miss ko lang pamangkin ko 🙂

of course picture taking na naman 🙂



  1. cruise said,

    ang cute naman pala ng pamangkin mo, you have reason na ma miss sya> magkahawig kayo, mana sa tita 😉

  2. jhenny said,

    hi cruise! 🙂 yeah cutie yan si nephew at maloko na rin at 5 mos. naku baka hinde pumayag ang mom nya kapag sinabi mo na kahawig ko kasi kamukha daw nya eh hehehe..

    BTW, nice pics about hidden falls 🙂 kakaingget waaaaaaaaaaaaa! 😛

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