yellow tarsier and a new pair of eyes LOL

October 10, 2006 at 2:17 pm (Uncategorized)

last saturday was the final competition for our annually sport festival, this year i did not participated in any events and im not even one of the marshalls because most of my work schedules are all on nights shifts during the entire sport festival weeks. and so i did not witnessed any events *sigh* plus the fact that our group is too busy catching with our backlogs, so this year, no sportfest for us, hopefully next year would be different.

there are 4 majors groups that are competiting for our sportfest, it think i had mentioned on some of my blog entries about it. our opponents group are the red phoenix, green dragon and blue sharks (astig ng mga dating no!)… and then our group is named after yellow tarsiers! ( hahaha, seems funny, the other 3 groups puro astig pagdating sa amin tarsier hahaha)… nonetheless we are on second rank on overall tally. it was the red phoenix who won with just 4pts ahead of us *sayang* di bale we will strive harder next year πŸ™‚

go go yellow tarsier! πŸ™‚


i purchased new pair of eyes err.. new glasses last week πŸ™‚ actually it was just an accidental purchased, we are at the mall with my officemate when we passed by at a optical shop, and we are just like checking out some cool eye glasses frames and had no intention of buying a new pair, swerte because the store are offering as much as 50% off, imagine hehehe kaya go and buy a new pair. my grade has been higher na this year from my last 300/250 it is now 450/350… tsk tsk tsk… baka mabulag na ako nito πŸ˜›

i didn’t realized i needed indeed a new pair of glasses maybe that explains why i had some terrible headaches the past few weeks. well im just glad i had new glasses now πŸ™‚

la lang model lang hehe πŸ˜›


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  1. marchanazie said,

    oh, nice pair of glasses! two days ago, naisip ko namang bumili ng bagong wallet since my wallet is 4 years old and I guess time to retire na hehe! so mas mabuti ka pa nga kasi you can show your glass kesa naman sakin na nasa back pocket lng ang wallet hehe!

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