college friends and little bumbum

October 9, 2006 at 3:33 pm (Uncategorized)

last saturday i met up with college friends, actually it was not planned, i was supposed to pick up my new eye glasses and was in total hurry because the mall might be close before i ever get there. and then my friend called me, they were bugging about it, seeing once in a while and have a good time, unfortunately i still have work that night and i can’t afford to be absent or else i’ll lose my job hehehe, no one is present that night, no manager, no other supervisor, so i really need to be on work, but my friends tricked me, they told me that we’re just going to have dinner and medyo nakunsencya ako because they told me that emy is leaving the next week, she’s just here for a short vacation from her work in qatar.

when i got there i learned that emy is leaving the next month, sly ladies… but i had fun anyway, it was unending updating with each others lives 🙂 i didn’t realized how i missed them until last saturday night.

i had so much fun, they drink some san mig, i didn’t dare hehehe because i really need to report for work and plus the fact i don’t drink beer, ginebra kasi ang katapat ko hahaha…

i went to work at 12:45am, so late, but its ok than never showing up, i had to call the guard on duty na abangan ako sa kanto because im really afraid kasi nga very late na and waaaaaaaa… i really hate walking alone with all the trees and wind blowing, i just can’t bear it…

buti na lang mabaet si manong guard hehehe kung hinde na-heart attack na ako sa takot hehehe.


last sunday, we had a picture taking with our bumbum.. my beloved nephew.. he’s so cute, barely 5 months and very very charming hehehe… cya na lang pag-asa namin na magkaroon ng artista sa lahi namin hahaha…


bumbum with tito jay || cutie bumbum

tita jencel, tito jay and bumbum


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