hula hula dinner

October 7, 2006 at 9:22 pm (Uncategorized)

i was so happy because finally i got a checking account, hehehe, i badly needed it for my personal loan that has been approved since last week, but i need to have a checking account first before i could get the proceeds. well luckliy yummskie helped me to get it in just 1hr, viola i got it! 🙂

and so after getting it, we headed for the other bank to get my ever badly needed personal loan, actually its for my sister, she just used my credentials and she was bugging me for weeks on that. hopefully she would be dutiful enough to pay her debt or else i would really smack her together with her husband 😛

and as reward for my yummskie to all the istorbo i made, i treated him in a dinner. we went to hula-hula seafoods and barbecue in westgate alabang. its a mxture of hawaiin, japanese, vietnamese food. but all in all the food are awesome, tastes good and the presentation is cute 🙂 i love their crab maritess (olive oil and lots lots of garlic.. yumyum) and the black rice is really a high five 🙂

nice place || starter calamari

yummy crab!! 🙂

the bamboo with the rice inside || delicious black rice with topped with salmon, egg and squids

yummy black marlin


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