super duper milenyo

October 2, 2006 at 7:19 pm (Uncategorized)

last week, wednesday i was watching tv that night and there were flash report that classes are suspended the next day because a typhoon is approaching manila and that this one would be one of the great storm we had in years, hearing the news i was like uh oh, PAG-ASA is forecasting again, ( you can’t blame me, as a student i have some experiences with PAG-ASA’s not so good weather forecast, i once remembered the classes has been cancelled due to typhoon but then it was extremely hot that day, i don’t have to mention the others i guess šŸ˜› ).

when i woke up thursday morning, i realized we had some serious storm on our way, the same storm we have in months, lots of rain of course.

when i was about leave the house i’ve learned that it was signal no.3 and i realized i need to get cab or else i’ll be getting at the office just like a soaking sponge dish. Umbrella would be no use given the wind that seems to blow you away too.

actually i have these plan on not reporting for work that day, with that kind of weather its always seems to drag you back on your bed, but then i had to literally pulled up myself to get ready for work unless i have the intention of being one on the list of growing unemployed here in the country. The reason is that we are expecting a visitor from US that day, and by hook or by crook i need to be there at the office.

i was having an early lunch at our cafeteria with some of the officemates and was starled to see up rooted tress from a nearby park. the cafeteria is located at the 3rd floor of the building and the all glass structure of the building gave us a great view of what is really happening outside.

trees are being uprooted one by one, signage are falling, tin roof is flying everywhere from a nearby building, and hopefully no one got hurt because it seemed to be like a paper being flown at other side of the street. i can’t believe it my eyes, i under estimated milenyo.

it just took nearly 3-4 hours as milenyo passed by but greatly hit metro manila. many people died. a lot of things had been damaged. and most of all, he put luzon on a blackout and no water.

we have lived 3 days and 2 nights primitively. struggling to find some water to drink at least. candles and bottled water are all sold out. atm machines are all offline. some gas stations are beimg manually opeated and i have a seen a great pile of cars at any open gas station.

im glad we had suvived the storm but sorry to hear some people’s death. It is a one hell of a experience.

as of the moment im glad that the electricity had gone back, though some part of the metro stil got no luck. we are now slowly going back to our normal lives… but i heard there’s another typhoon coming.. named NENE. uh no, not again.

these are the pics i got on some of the poor trees. these were taken at the 12thflr of our office building.

i have seen these people going home after the first hit of milenyo…

…while we are still working… i went home at 7pm that faithful thursday. see how afraid i am to be part of the unemployed club?? LOL.


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