weekends and BIG headache

September 27, 2006 at 9:04 am (Uncategorized)

my weekend was fine.. last sunday was my brother’s bday, konting kain and pansit ok na hehehe… i spent my whole sunday sleeping.. as in.. i was kinda exhausted by the last week as in super pagod.. mentally, physically, financially hehehe.. lahat na ng “lly” lol. i haven’t had so much time bonding with bumbum… kasi lagi din cya tulog hahaha.. paano naman kasi 3rd shift din yung batang yun…

and finally im on the morning shift na this week.. yahoo!!! sa wakas makakapag-tv marathon na naman ako lol.. wish ko lang makakauwi me ng maaga from office.

i’ve got a good news and bad news..

bad news…waaaaaaaaaaaaaa… i’ve got a very bad headache! shocks! i woke early because i need to be at the office at least 8am (not later) and yet im really having second thoughts if i would really report for work… hay kung pwede lang sana hinde ako pumasok… but then i still went to the office, late nga lang around 9:30am.

i haven’t able to watch our basketball team compete with the blue team.. ( we are yellow team ).. our annual sport festival has started and yet i haven’t seen any of the events.sigh.

i was really about to watch the game, unfortunately i can’t bear my headache, its just too much. and buti na lang pala i didn’t watch na din, we lost.. waaaaaa how sad, we are on just praying that they will do good on the rematch with the red team *crossing my fingers*

good news naman… my personal loan has been approved.. yahoo!! 🙂 i really need it badly as well as my sister hehe. i really need to talk to my sister and her husband that they really need to pay on time, or else the bank will sue me hehehe.

good news ulet… i went home early.. spent some time with yummskie 🙂 tapos tinulugan ko cya kasi masakit talaga ang ulo ko hehe.

still have this bad headache.. argh. its killing me! i took 500mg mefenamic acid and still did not work.. i don’t know what to do na talaga.. feeling ko may cancer na ako waaaaaaaaaa.. ( na sana naman eh wala, exag ko lang )

i have read on one of the blog entry i had passed by, that uttering “bless me” would such be a good help or powerfull or could be just coincidence too.. well for me it goes like this..

because of the terrible headache right after i went down from a trike on my way to office i uttered that i could cross the street easily and that there is a jeep waiting across and said “bless me”.. and just like what o have wished i crossed the street easily and the jeep is waiting for me… oh diba.

and then, i wished for the jeep to stop exatly on the street going to our office building.. and said “bless me”… and yes it did stop there. grabe na to, i was liked gosh its working with me too?!?!?!

and while walking, i checked my watch, 8:55, sana the elevator is at the ground level so i won’t be late at 9am “bless me” ( kasi kapag ganung time all the elevators are really busy ).. and then upon arriving at the grould level i was excited to check if the elevator is ready at the ground floor… and you know what???? its right there.. as if waiting for me… hay.. sobrang “bless me!!”

weird. pero nakakaaliw 🙂

despite the headache i went home late around 9pm and got home 10pm.

hay.. life. i hope i would get better tomorrow.


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