simple pleasures

September 21, 2006 at 7:38 pm (Uncategorized)

everyone of us have these what we have called kababawan in our life… and i have my own set too…

… and these are my 12 life’s simple pleasures :

12. watching tv ( missed doing tv marathon )

11. taho / coffee ( taho – soy beans with matching sago and arnibal.. wooo hooo! i missed that too )

10. good music ( anything that pleases to my ear, jazzy, alternative, lovesongs, pop, ballad, r&b… novelty, lol. )

9. cross stitch ( patterns, treads, needles, cloth, anything that has something to do with that hobby… i just love that. )

8. talk. talk. talk ( not necessarily tsimisan blues, lol… but good quality talk, opinions, sharing ideas, point of views, silly thinkings, weird topics… just about anything and everything )

7. good sleep ( its been hard to get good sleep these days, is it like your sleeping and yet you feel so very tired.. i missed waking up with an instant smile of having a good sleep.sigh )

6. good book / mags / novels ( i just love to read… anything, and right now im trying to explore other reading materials *not the censored ones, lol*.. im reading filipino authors who writes in tagalog.. and i recommend bob ong books.. real good. )

5. movies together with pop-corns and nachos :). ( i just love it… once one a week or twice a week if time permits. )

4. playing with my pamangkins. ( such a bliss.. super! )

3. internet surfing and blog hopping. ( im currently addicted to it ).

2. day offs ( as in a BIG YEHEYYYY!!! )

1. moments spent with love ones. ( blissfulness )

… how about you guys what are your kababawan in life?? 😉


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