turtles and birthday

September 19, 2006 at 6:57 pm (Uncategorized)

after a month of thinking of cleaning my aquariumn, finally nalinis ko din cya last friday morning, because im afraid that when im come back on monday morning they could be dead because of the water pollution inside the aquarium hahaha.

so right now i have two turtles, they are my ever first pets πŸ™‚ . they are named ping and pong. they are very matakaw, as in… and they like to see people, because they always thought na if people are around, they will be feed na hehehe.

actually they were originally 4, yun nga lang weakest link yung dalawa, maagang kinuha ni lord. lol.

they are big now. when i bought them they were very tiny, i think just 1 1/2 inches. pero ngayon palm size na.

i just love them.. lalo na kapag they are playing on the water. πŸ™‚

on the other hand, yummy’s currently pets are lovebirds, he’s done with the dogs hehehe.. mga ibon naman ang trip nya.. siguro sa susunod crocodiles naman. lol. he told me he would give me a pair of lovebirds, but im not into bird owning right now, i don’t know how to takecare of them kasi, but then sabi ko kapag nag-alaga ako ng bird gusto ko parrot.. tuturuan ko magsalita,… tuturuan ko ng “morning jhenny and sexy mo!” hahahaha. ( at dapat talaga pati ibon turuan magsinungaling.. haha) :p


last sunday was my sister’s bday… she and her husband and bambam went to our house to visit and para mag-blowout hehe. some of our cousins dropped by too and naki-kulet sa amin, while mom and aunt are busy, laklak mode lol. :p

as usual nag-concert na naman ang mga kapatid and cousins ko, but me was flat tired asleep… im on the third shift kaya at 3pm bagsak na ako.. as in wala na me pakialam sa paligid ko, i need my sleep.. zzzzz..zzzz..zzzzz


i had an ok week, extended on the night shift.. so i guess more borlog days for me… waaaaaaaaa.. but its ok, i think i enjoy night shifts better, me and yummy are always together ( hatid syempre lol )… then less pressure from the bossing.. kahit na dami clients sa gabi i could handle them naman..

but i have to sacrifice my tv marathon at night 😦 hay.. kaka-miss manood din.


take a view on my pets… ping and pong. enjoy!

these are my cool pagongers.. haha.


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