im a frustrated painter

August 12, 2006 at 10:25 pm (Uncategorized)

its weekend again.. i have nothing to do but to stay home and sleep… hehehe.. im at the night shift and its really hard on me to go malling or visit any place and be awake the whole day when i was at work last night…

and right now, im trying a new craft… tadaaa!!! STENCILING!… this sounds fun.. im a frustrated painter.. and i can’t even do sketches… even to draw sticks are not my cup of tea really, and i admire people who got the talent on painting or any form of drawings…

james, my american friend gave me a stenciling set as a gift and i really. really appreciate it. 🙂

and because im one of those very-bad-on-drawing-or-painting-ever…. and considering myself a hopeless case on that field hehehe.. i already gave up on that long time ago…. but now i will try which seems to be close enough with painting…. stenciling! yey!!!!

A stencil is a cartoon, number, letter, illustration, typographical symbol, or any other shape or image in cut-out form (it can be cut out of paper, cardboard , metal or other material). Stencils are used to create sharp-edged paintings of the desired image, by applying paint on the surface with the cut-out, leaving a painting of that shape on the underlying surface. Stencils can be made with one or many color layers using different techniques.

Silk-screen printing also uses a stencil process, as does mimeography . The masters from which mimeographed pages are printed are often called “stencils.” In silk-screening and mimeography, multiple stencils are often used on the same surface to produce multi-colored images.

Stencils have also become popular for graffiti, since stencil art using spray-paint can be produced quickly and easily. These qualities are important for graffiti artists where stenciling is illegal or quasi-legal, depending on the city and stenciling surface. The extensive lettering possible with stencils makes it especially attractive to political artists. Also well known for their use of stencil art is Blek le Rat from France and Banksy, a British street artist.
A related surrealist technique is aerography, in which spray-painting is done around a three-dimensional object. ( source : wikipedia )

…. im pretty excited to try it… though im only making some that are not so biggie projects ( as of the moment )…. maybe i’ll start with boxes and gift wrappers…

i’ll try to post here some of my finished products 🙂 ( if ever i will able to do one ) hehehe.

im currently busy with one my crosstitch ( butterfies ).

…take a look on my materials of my first-ever-stencil-project-in-a-box! 🙂


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