MMK presents.. mhel.

August 5, 2006 at 11:14 am (Uncategorized)

i was literally running home last night just to catch up with MMK ( maalala mo kaya – abs-cbn ).. and luckily it hasn’t started yet when i reached home… the story is about mhel…he is a loving son, a good kuya and a caring uncle… he is a very intelligent school teacher that had lost his sanity thru traumatic experience of being bumped by a car and thru stress.

.. and as always its a tearjerker….

i was very moved by mhel’s story… and i admired him for his attitude. despite his illness he knows what is the right thing to do. i admired his bravery, his affections towards his family, his sincerity.

piolo pascual has done a great job playing the role as mhel.. he is definitely one of the good local actors we have right now… jodi sta.maria was equally good who played mhel’s younger sister.

i have learned that showing your love with your family does not require intellegence and healty minds… a pure heart is enough.


on the lighter mode, my 2 makukulet na brothers were sent by their school to compete for a quiz bee and programming contest on a division level. Nine schools were to compete against each other. And fortunately one of my brother won, a 2nd placer on the programming contest! yey!!!….. mana sa ate hehehehe….

im so proud of them… im planning to buy them some reward 🙂 they are really good studs… ndi sayang ang pagwo-work ni ate 🙂

im excited over the weekend… going to my tita’s bday celebration.. we’ll met some cousins and chika to the max hehehe…

and also.. got a surprise text from my good friend who works in dubai, she’s here for a vacation… waaaaa i remember those days… na wala kaming ginawa kundi puro kamalditahan… hahaha… but seriously we are good girls… wag nga lang gagalitin hehehe…

and oh… its raining again! uh oh…


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